deuter-buddha nature

Deuter - Buddha Nature Ne 2104

Deuter - Buddha Nature

Deuters betoverende melodie├źn nodigen u uit tot een bewustwording van de vele gezichten in de aard van Buddha in jezelf.


"The Buddha is your intrinsic nature. It need not be created. It has not to develop either, it is already there, it is already the case. It has only to be unfolded, it has to be discovered. The treasure is there; you have to find the key to unlock the door. The treasure is not to be created, the treasure is not to be developed; you only have to find the right key. You have forgotten about the key, the key is within you." [Osho, from "Be still and know"

The mind cannot become the Buddha.
The body cannot become the Buddha.
Only what cannot become the Buddha
Can become the Buddha.

A Zen poem 














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