aeoliah-love in the wind

Aeoliah-Love in the Wind Or 2857

Aeoliah - Love in the Wind

Lieflijke, romantische melodie├źn met Piano, snaren, Harp, Fluit, engelenkoren en Synthesizers.


"Love in the Wind may be Aeoliah's finest yet. 'Hearts of Fire' the first of four selections on this recording, is a tranquil journey with piano and synthesizers. The second, titled 'Oasis' shows Aeoliah's keyboard mastery as he creates a reflective, gentle atmosphere. Simply beautiful is the best way to describe the third composition, 'Awakening' while the fourth, 'Windsong' adds an angelic choir for a majestic finale. 'Love in the Wind' is pure sound therapy and a truly high form of music." Jack Clarke, Connecting Link Magazine

"In 'Love in the Wind' his theme is love in all its moods. Much in the style of earlier releases such as 'Majesty' and 'Angel Love', Aeoliah produces an ethereal, choir-like sound which is so conducive to meditational states. This recording will be a favorite for many years." Review by Arizona Networking News 1990